It is considered convenient to host your WordPress and domains together. Additionally, this is the trend that has been embraced by the majority of web hosting companies nowadays. However, while such convenience is important, there are some drawbacks and risks associated with having your WordPress and domains hosted together.

Here are several reasons why you should consider hosting your domains and WordPress separately.

  • Security of your domains

It is a common practice for most WordPress developers to host several test sites on various servers as well as providers. This is often done for purposes of testing the compatibility of scripts, themes, and plugins. Such a practice has a high risk especially in a case where you have all your domains and WordPress hosted together.

Diversifying your domain’s host keeps your future secured should anything happen to your host. This ensures that you do not lose your domains if your host gets out of business.

  • Reliable support

Before carrying out the domain name registration process, it is important to shop around for a reliable host. Often, reliable hosts will guarantee you maximum support any time of the day. ICANN regulates domains, and it is important to work with an ICANN accredited host and ensure that the hosting is separate. This gives you an assurance that you can rely on ICANN for support should anything happen to one of your hosts and thus, your domains are not lost.

  • Control

Having your website hosted online places your business’s information accessible to millions of people. In the end that you have all your domains and WordPress hosted together and the host closes business, you incur massive losses.

Additionally, poor customer service from a host can have adverse impacts on your business and hence, it would be wise to spread your risks.

If you have your domains and WordPress hosting separate, you get much control over uncertainties of poor customer service and closure of the business. With such a platform, you can freely change the host, DNS setting, and name servers of your domain.

  • Access to more options

Different domain registrars tend to give you a variety of options in comparison to hosting providers. Considering the current competition in domains, you need to be able to access numerous options for your business and URL. Having your domains and WordPress hosted separately gives you this competitive advantage.

Technology shifts every day and a small mistake can cost you. Having your WordPress and domains hosted together puts your business at a high risk should anything happen to your host. It is advisable to buy a domain name and host it separately from your WordPress for much control, security, convenience as well as access to a wide range of options.