A domain name is absolutely the thing that can make or break your business. And deciding whether you should create a new domain name on your own, or just buy an expired domain name is a decision that can be very critical to your business. And if you have made the decision to purchase an expired domain name, then there are some things that you need to consider, and in this article we will address a few of them so help you out.

Consider the history of the domain

It is a known fact that the age of the domain name can affect the domain’s ranking, as an older domain would have accumulated way more page rank. However, the effect of buying an expired domain name is not always positive, and that depends on how the domain name has been used in the past, which is why we recommend you find out what the domain name was used for before it expired. If you find out that the domain name you want to buy was used for spam or something similar, then definitely pass on it and look for something else.

Consider the domain industry or niche

If you are interested in buying a domain name with a specific industry in mind, then something you should definitely do is check that the domain name you are looking at previously existed on or fits in the niche that you are interested in. This is mostly important because of the TLD of the domain name you are buying and that may reflect an industry that does not match what you are interested in. Google gives weight to contextual links, so when buying an expired domain name with the purpose of linking it to a site in the same niche, this is something that very important for you to consider.


This is something that you need to find out before buying the expired domain name because the back links are pretty much what determines the value of the domain itself, but you also need to take extra care because a domain’s back links can disappear very soon after you buy it. What you can do is use a software like Moz which is a site that can model how a website will rank in Google’s SERPs which is a tool that is very helpful for determining a domain’s authority, also known as DA. Comparing one DA against another can be of a lot of help when trying to evaluate the domain name, and this method is actually more effective than simply measuring the value of a domain that is in isolation.

If you are one of the people considering to buy a domain name that has already expired, all you have to do is remember that this decision can definitely come with a lot of risks that you need to be wary off. But, if you follow these few simple tips, then you should definitely be on the right path.


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