It is all about the cloud today! Read this article and discover the difference between traditional hosting and cloud hosting packages!

There has been a lot of buzz lately about cloud computing and cloud hosting, and why shouldn’t be? Cloud hosting provides businesses and individuals an alternative to current traditional hosting packages such as shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. So, how exactly does cloud hosting differ from traditional web hosting packages and why you should move to the cloud now?

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between cloud and traditional web hosting and the importance of moving to the cloud!

  • Resource Limitations: The traditional web hosting deals usually limit the number of resources that you can use as you are limited by use of one server only. Once you’ll reach the limits of that server, the performance and the quality of your website, blog or ecommerce website are compromised. These issues, usually lead to things such as irritating your visitors and driving your potential clients to more reliable websites, your website being down, and etc. On the other side, the cloud hosting use more than just one server. As a matter of fact, the cloud web hosting utilized virtual servers to combine resources from a network of servers in order to meet the requirements and needs for IT resources. What we are trying to say here is that there aren’t limits on the amount of resources you can utilize, the usage usually depends on your needs. The best part is when a server in the network shuts down or goes off, your website or blog won’t be affected at all as it will automatically pull resources from other servers in the network.
  • Security Risks: Usually, when anyone speaks of the cloud, they are talking about so called public cloud. Cloud computing, much like shared web hosting, shared resources with different customers and comes with its own security risks. When it comes to security, in traditional web hosting settings, if you want to get away from shared hosting package and increase the stability and security of your site, you can always go for dedicated hosting package. When it comes to the cloud technology, if you want increased stability and security of your data, it is highly recommendable to use hybrid cloud computing solution. This solution will allow you to use both private and public cloud options so you can choose the better option for your online business. We can say that both, traditional and cloud hosting come with their own level of security. At this point you need to determine what your website needs are so you can make a decision which type of hosting to use.
  • Pay for what you use: When you use a traditional web hosting package, you can use a specific amount of resources. In case, you don’t use these resources, you will still have to pay as they are already included in the package. However, with cloud web hosting you only pay for the resources you use. That is why, this type of hosting is also known as pay per use hosting model. This is an excellent option for those individuals or startups on a limited budget. If you are serious about starting a website and you want to use cloud hosting, you will pay only for the resources you will use or the resources you need to establish an online presence, maintain, and run your website or blog.

To sum it up, cloud hosting is a great solution for businesses of all sizes and we can ensure you it is a great option for you as well! For more information, click here.

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